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Actually, this is the Webring dedicated to all the movies that have made the history of Cinema.

Cult Movies have limited but special appeal. Cult movies are usually strange, quirky, offbeat, eccentric, oddball, or surreal, with outrageous and cartoony characters or plots, garish sets and they are often considered controversial. They elicit a fiery passion in devoted fans, and may cause cultists to enthusiastically champion these films, leading to audience participation and repetitive viewings and showings. Cult movie worshippers persuasively argue with all about the merits of their choices, without regard for standard newspaper or movie reviews.
Many cult movies fared poorly at the box office when first shown, but then achieved cult-movie status, developing an enduring loyalty and following among fans. Cult movies have tremendous followings with certain groups, e.g., college campuses, midnight movie crowds, etc. Camp films are cult-type movies, but they are often poorly made or ludicrous, yet still enjoyable and appreciated. Cult movies follow no rules or pattern - some cult movies are popular only among certain limited groups of audiences or friends.

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